Sunday, March 17, 2013

Garbage Tubes: Best Way Back to the Sixth

Some NY residents hold down Stations for the Pneumatic Tube Body Transportation that sucks you
 back to Zaghaven in mere seconds.  The PTBT is better known as the Garbage Tubes since
most stations are located on people's lawns throughout New York and double for their
waste and recycling.  Open a lid and jump in, you'll be back in the Sixth quicker than
you can say Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sah Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Perry Pembo. 


  1. I learned everything I needed to know about Chinese culture from that classic book, very accurate portrayal of Chinese peasant life.

    1. I had to recite this story in 1st Grade but I fucked it up. There was another time in 1st grade where I went up to the board to finish off some sentences the teacher had put up. They were sentences with blanks in the place of certain words.

      The one sentence that has stayed with me, sort of as a bad title for my autobiography went like this:

      It is better to be _____ than to be greedy.

      Which I filled in:

      It is better to be king than to be greedy.

      I went back to my desk feeling very proud, but it was hard to fight back the tears when I realized I messed it up. I tried to explain to my mom later that the reason I cried was because I had felt so proud of nailing it, and that I felt like I must have looked like an asshole, heading back to my desk feeling so self satisfied. I didn't have those words then and I remember thinking, "She doesn't understand."

      But my parents killed me with that sentence for years, especially when I would ask for expensive clothing brands, like Ton Sur Ton, from Macy's.

    2. It id better to be ON TV than to be greedy

    3. It is better to be on TV than to be greedy is right! Just stay off the 6 O'clock news.

      That 1st grade story is precious! It's one of those happy/sad accounts from our youth that show how innocent and simple we were.

      BTW, what is the right answer to that sentence?
      I am at a loss for words!

      It is better to be _____ than to be greedy.