Sunday, March 17, 2013

B.S. Working Late


  1. No, he is not working late. He just rather not go home. Not yet at least.
    -He looks worried.
    I wonder what it is that concerns him. Mortgage payment? The pending biopsy? The fact his family barely even talks to him? The constant fatigue, sadness, and ever present doubt and depression?
    He chose a great time to quit smoking. One of lifes little breaks.
    A small personal vacation to get away from the problems, even if it only lasts from the time the cigarette burns from tip to filter.

    1. My mom always referred to her Benson and Hedges Menthols as her vacation. She'd say it in the same tone as Mouth from The Goonies when he said he was taking his wishes back (coins from the bottom of the wishing well).

    2. I know, I remembered the anecdote and I decided to incorporate it. I thought it was clever to refer to a smoke break as a little vacation. Maybe I should take up smoking.

      All the OG's still smoke.

    3. Oh.

      Well I have about 30 anecdotes that are in hard rotation and I'm finding that these days I keep forgetting who I've already tried to sell them to.

      I know though -- it's sort of like props to the oldies that are still puffing -- but -- they're crazy.

    4. It was tha time you needed me to go take care of that thing.

      Which by the way is progressing, albeit at a slower pace than I had anticipated.

    5. Oh word? Where's it at? Can you send any photos my way?
      Even if you just cut the wheels off.

    6. What wheels?

      I will contact you later this week Mr.Sisti