Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sorgum Ave. is Starting To Go "Pencil"

Before things disappear in the Sixth Borough they start "to go pencil".  First, the area gets sketchy,
it begins to feel dangerous, repackaged street-candy sales go up, TK use is rampant, then things start to get
2-dimensional -- literally.

I know some of the Drawings that live in these apartments.  Before they became Drawings, they were
OK, but then they told one too many lies, cheated on their math tests, on their boyfriends and girlfriends,
wrote bad checks, stole their neighbor's newspaper.  
The weird thing is that in a lot of instances, once they became Drawings, these people reformed --
but there doesn't seem to be any going back to 3D.
It's kind of sad -- but 2D people deserve their rights, just like anyone else.  Everyone deserves a
second, third, and fourth chance.  Come on.  What annoys me most about these Drawings is
that when you go over their house for coffee, all their furniture is 2D as well.  I have to lean
up against the wall and pray that it doesn't fold on me.  2D people are also annoyed becuase
3D people think that you can catch 2D-disease from them, but being 2D doesn't work like that
and technically it's not a disease.  There are benefits to being 2D, like you can slip under doors
and mail yourself to France.