Saturday, March 23, 2013

I have been using google. To your advantage

I have recently discovered google. I find I can be very useful to google and google users. I know a lot
about a lot of things especially cleaning. I am able to give advice to a lot of people on yahoo answers especially. I like to encourage people considering suicide to just go for it. Yahoo answers has them all.
I also like to google myself to find the best answers I gave. Sometimes I find images I approve of that 
are related to my name. In fact I have such a presence in the world (and of course the show) that 
there are of course a lot of images of me. The person who took this picture needs to actually learn 
how to clean, but I like the fact that the word housekeeping is in there. I would also like to say 
I hate Bill. 


  1. Reading Sudsy's post is always so surreal.
    Like having a pen pal in the looney bin!

  2. Now look here Butter Fill you'd better watch your step sonny Jim, or I'll have your guts for garters and no mistake!

    1. Bill says you still owe him for your last therapy session.

    2. Bill SAYS WHAT! I shall have that glorified Mr. frosty for breakfast! WHITE SHEETS ARE BETTER THAN SNOW! THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE OF US IN THIS SHOW AND SCHLOG. I don't see Bill's fan club screaming for him to be shlogging like the rest of us. No SIR.

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