Monday, March 18, 2013


Mr. Parfenix made me a Hamtini and it wasn't half bad.
Salty, smokey and porky... just how I like my cocktails.
But I was still like, "What about the cheese Cheap-o?!??"
He called me "Cheap" and I then rebuffed, "You're Cheap!" 
On and on we went until we created a real Black Hole like from out in the Universe.
So watch out when Mr. Parfenix mixes up one of his concoctions.  Or tries to act generous.


  1. But if Mr. Parfenix gets generous there's the chance he'll give me some of those Tetley Tea promotional products that he acquired in the 90's when he and Sudsy agreed to be guinea pigs for their new "radioactive tea" product line.

    Not only is there a rare florescent t-shirt with a drippy Tetley's logo, there's a set of Tea Warrior action figures that all wear tea-bags on their heads.

  2. Now there's a garnish!

  3. breath as fresh as a summer ham