Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sol the St. Bernard

Sol used to be chilling with a barrel under his chin.
But Mr. Parfenix "won" it from him in a rigged game of Bridge.
We felt bad that he got cheated, so we let him hang out in the Apartment.
The sympathy shtick wore thin quick, but we ended up letting him stay because
we miss having a Saint Bernard around ever since Ol' Howard Plus disappeared.

Also, Sol's got some style.


  1. Sol's cool, he's actually a weird cartoon attempt at reinterpreting Saul from Homeland, the way they used to do back in the day. Like they'd just make a character (Fred Flintstone) be like a famous established tv character (Ralph Kramden. They took Groucho for the Vlasic pickle stork and they were always doing it on Looney Tunes with Abbot & Costello and Bob Hope.

    1. Oh I'm sorry, did I say Homeland -- I meant Homie-land, that awesome new show on STARS based on the little PVC figures from the quarter machines at Supermarket check-out.