Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Dark Revenger

The Dark Revenger aka The Overcoat aka Alex aka The Prime Minister of Complaining, is not
only a member of the Life Isn't Fair Superhero Posse (Zaghaven's Finest), he is also a member
of the 6th Borough Yu-Gi-Oh Aficionados and the now defunct Howard the Duck Fan Club, which
he insists is not defunct.  Alex is also active in the Rain-Hater's Club because his house is literally
made of stacks of comic books and old TV guides (most of which he has memorized).  He was rendered
mute last Christmas at the Sixth Borough Holiday Party (where the entire Borough meets in
the Underground Caverns and parties all night) because he literally hit the most amount of
words a human being is allowed to utter in his lifetime.  None of us knew about this rule at the
time, but we asked the Sixth Borough Oracle and he said, yeah, every human is only allowed
to speak a maximum of 765 million kazillion words in his life and Alex hit that while he
was complaining about the sound people make when they bite into apples (at the holiday party).