Monday, March 25, 2013

Prolvactin: Advanced Therapy For A Better Tomorrow

The Search for the Sixth Borough can be a sticky business.  We see strangeness, gross-outs, all kinds of
goof, plus we're always getting scared.  I found this taxicab parked on the way East Side of Manhattan,
right near Gracie Mansion.  It seemed Sixth Borough to me because I checked the internet for
Prolvactin and guest what:  It doesn't EXIST.

In an earlier incarnation of Frankie's Apartment, there was a soap opera part of the show called
"A Better Tomorrow" which took place in the then futuristic 2013.  But now it IS 2013, and
here I am finding a drug that is advertising advanced therapy for A Better Tomorrow.

One mention on the internet claims that this could be an undercover cop cab, but I think we just found
another jag in the Time/Space continuum.