Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Graf: 3 Times Dope


It's sort of a Larry Lester situation.  I just can't help feeling bad for the nice old people that have to come
home to this penis every day.  Granted, I think the penis was rendered in a special manner, it's still
gotta be shitty for the old folks.

Leftover jumpoff from the '86 World Series.


  1. Interesting view we each have of the world.

    That's not a penis in the second picture.
    It's an intricate plan of a proposed pulley system.
    The main pulley was to drive two identical sized pulleys which would then pump water from the sump tank below (not pictured) and feed water to the garden.
    The city and the department of buildings never gave the ok for the plan so it never came to fruition.
    I would imagine they never erased the pulley plan out of sheer frustration and as a reminder to always get a permit before any work is done or even proposed.