Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shakespeare the Syntax Patrolman.

Shakespeare is a Patrolman for the Syntax Police.
He swims around the Frankie's Apartment blog looking for spelling & gramatical errors.
Then finks me out to Frankie, who then busts me in the "Comments" section of this Blog.


  1. You're not alone Rubbish, I have seen that ghost fella get some ball busting too.
    Makes for great afternoon laughs.

    (feel free to use that quote on the bus and subway ads)

  2. The Syntax Police are cool guys. Some of them are rubber sharks, but they don't eat me. Sometimes they have an octopus on duty. One time there was a seahorse.

    The Syntax Police keep us on our toes but maybe we need a GIF patrol to weed out any cheap gifs. See where I'm going with this Rubbish? (Sorry Officer Shakespeare.)