Monday, March 25, 2013

Mr. Parfenix has other powers too.

Mr. P has his shrink drink.  But one time he made it wrong and discovered an alternate version that allows him
to shape-shift.  He calls it Fink Drink and mostly he uses it to seem young. 
The last time he became young, he got a fake ID so that he could go to bars.  As a younger Mr. P
he goes by the name Leftiris Troullouris, because this was name of the wicked chemist/bartender
who introduced Mr. P to Molecular Mixology.

I asked him, "Why not just stay old and go to O'Hanlin's or McGivney's or Tootsie's Bar and Grill?"
He said, "Why do anything?"  This idea actually is a perfect example of Mr. P's method.  You take the
long way around so that if you fail, you still have your insanity to fall back on as a career.
A complex man.  That's a complete collection of Pee-Wee's Playhouse dolls in the china closet
behind him by the way.  He even has a full-size Billy Baloney puppet but he won't let me play with it,
he keeps it in its original box, inside a garbage bag, inside a room in his apartment that mostly
resembles the depths of hell.  I'd sneak in there and play with it, but there's a troll at the door who
asks you riddles, and there's a lava moat, plus it's also where Mr. P keeps all his old poetry notebooks,
and if one of them starts talking to you, you're finished, all they do is cry about the good old days.