Sunday, March 17, 2013


Mural in front of me and Rubbish's old Junior High.  Luca Da Gawd (my intern?) went there too, but I
guess they must have been slipping by then or something.


  1. Not for nothing but they are slipping.
    I heard great things about the school from alot of parents but then checked the scores and latest academic info and it has been dropping in rank.
    My son applied and did NOT get accepted. Not because of his grades but due to a lack of space.
    Out of the 30 kids in my sons class that applied, only one got in, and his grades were mediocre at best.
    All the "good" schools have been slipping. I attended IS.383 Phillipa Schuyler in Bushwick, and it was a tough school to get into and even tougher to stay enrolled. Too many absences or one too many failed classes and you were shipped off to your zone school.
    I was applied enough to last 4 years and graduate, some of my friends weren't. When I checked its status among the "top" schools in the city, it had dropped significantly!

    -Is Luca still a part of the shlog?

    1. He needs to post more content or at least sprinkle some comments around.
      But then again, at that age he's just got one thing on his mind.