Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Frankie's Apartment Detective Division loves a good caper.


  1. There is no item in the picture that can give us a sense of scale. It could be missing shrimp, croissants, greasy dentures, semi-coiled dog turds, but too greasy to be of canine origin....
    Interesting, maybe it's a message, someone was trying to write something out.
    If you try hard enough, you can see the letters C, M, and A. And possibly an F.

    1. Pecos, while you make some good observations, I prefer an old fashioned approach. Before we start this investigation I have to wait for my Sherlock Holmes hat to come in the mail. I got it on Etsy. And I'm waiting for Computer-Head to give me back my magnifying glass -- he likes to burn ants in the courtyard with it. Well - he's doesn't actually burn them -- he's been trying to teach them how to breakdance and he likes to use the threat of the magnifying glass to get them to focus on their windmills.

      Also I'm pretty sure that we're looking for those noseclips people wear when they go swimming.

    2. In any case, Rubbish ate them.