Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bill's Fridge

For those just tuning in (and for those not tuning in), Bill the Snowman lives in my Fridge.  He therapizes
me, my roomies, and a slew of other patients.  As far as the other patients go, I'm not sure how they get into
the fridge -- they don't step foot in the apartment.  Bill always says there's a back entrance
that leads to an enchanted forest but that sounds a little too fantastic.  An enchanted forest?  I bet it's
just a regular 6th Borough park -- probably a little lot of land with like 100 trees on it.  Maybe there
are some cool creatures that live there.   What's that?  The point of this post?  Oh, right.  Well,
Bill's fridge broke down last night.  Poor guy is living in a bucket right now, slurring his speech.
He even lost his carrot.  We just couldn't find it.  We rolled the old fridge over to Olivo's in

Old Olivo knows how to cool out.  And look there in his left hand (our right) -- he found Bill's nose
behind the crisper boxes.  It got wedged into one of the fans that messed up the fridge's performance in the
first place.  I smell a ghost.