Tuesday, March 12, 2013


2013. Streit's Matzo Factory in the Lower East Side has been for sale since 2007.  Asking price is 25 mil.
The internet says there was a deal set up but it fell through due to the current state of the real estate market.
Streit's Matzo is good.  They have the whole factory right there on Rivington Street.   
Old picture of Streit's from the 80s.  They don't have this façade anymore.  
Anyhow, I don't really care about the Streit's Matzo Factory, but I do a little bit.  The thing I care about is the
Elevator Motor Room door, which leads to the Sixth Borough if you have a Sixth Borough Decoder Ring
to change the flux on the doorknob's time-twist pattern.

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  1. Elevator motor rooms are interesting places.
    I once had the opportunity to help remove, refurbish and re-install an elevator motor.
    It was a 600 horsepower unit that had been there since the elevator was first installed in the building (early 1900's)
    The armature shaft was worn down and needed to be replaced.
    It's amazing to see a lathe turn down a 6 inch 4340 steel shaft down to precise measurements and know that it will be running in a commercial environment for decades to come.
    I almost lost two left fingers when the completed armature landed on them. Totally worth the experience though.