Friday, January 4, 2013


You ski, I snowshoe.  They wouldn't let me use these old tennis racket joints.

The newer kinds really really work.  They keep you on top of the snow and make it very possible to
not fall.

The Atlas Snow-Shoe Company.

Went snowshoeing with these two.  Philip and Walter.  They knew the trail like the back of their iPhones.
Only problem was, Walter kept taking pictures of my wife.

And when he wasn't doing that, he kept falling behind, trying to catch Z's in the snow.
We hiked up into the middle of the forest up there on the mountain, near Elk Camp in Snowmass.

In, more.

Dead tree with "Old Man's Beard" growing on it.  It's a lichen. Like a fungus. At least that's what Philip told me.

Old bear claw mark on the trail.  Walter said that's a mark of the bear sliding down the tree.
When they climb up, they put in these deep punctures that don't look nearly as good in a photo.