Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sixth Borough Subway Styles

This guy goes by the name Major Fandor.  He wears nurse shoes.

He's one of the higher ups in the Sixth Borough "underground resistance".  

My man Herbert Coby was killing it at Grand Central Station the other day.
Motherfucker doesn't play one cool note -- it's all crazy town wammer-jammer stuff.
It's like listening to a little kid go to town on one of those Alphabet keyboards.
Except Herbert knows his stuff.  He knew how to play so well that the only road left for him
was to go through the spiritual process of actually UNLEARNING it all.  Which is easier
said than done (it involves a lot of throwing yourself down sets of stairs).

Only thing he knows how to play now is that Nokia tune.  Good thing, because playing that is the only thing
that can transport him back to the Sixth Borough.  If I put my hand on his shoulder when he does it,
I get a lift back -- for 3 bucks and a Dunkin' Donuts coffee (which is where we pop in back in Zaghaven).