Friday, March 1, 2013

Props to Sudsy (cough, cough)

My number one least favorite thing to do (right up there with drinking sour milk, exercise, and
hanging out with Sudsy) is to give Sudsy props.  But the truth is, the ghost can be a powerful
motherfucker sometimes.  Funny.  Theatrical.  Like all the Cats from Cats rolled into one big dead
stinking cat covered in some gross towel from the bathhouse.
If you didn't know, he can assume many forms, so long as that form is white and sheet-like.
Yesterday he pretended to be this building on the Bowery in Lower Manhattan.
A cool stunt.  I figure if I'm lightening up on the guy who plays Nick on the Zooey Deschanel
show, "New Girl", I might as well give it up to old Sudsy.  One Trinidadian Nanny went running
and screaming the other way, abandoning the ugly little brat she was pushing in one of those
2,000 dollar Swedish/Nordic baby strollers that Brooklyn parents kill for.  Sudsy seized his
opportunity, threw the kid in a mailbox and rolled the pram back to our apartment.
Now he uses it to push around his favorite rags and cleaning products (which he always
spoke to in baby-talk anyhow).