Friday, March 1, 2013

Italian Building

Sometimes I play backgammon with this building.  He's a real sore loser.  He starts cursing and
carrying on whenever I start winning.  He's always asking me if I know who he's "with".  He threatens me
and treats me like I'm still a kid.  He tells me to "go get my shinebox," whatever that means.  If he
pulls through and wins a game he calls me a "disappointed dunsky" -- a term I'm not familiar with.
He'll lean in close and go, "Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut."
I'll be like, "About what?" He says, "You might know who we are but we KNOW who you are."
I say, "I know who you are." He's like, "Either you were in on the fix or you were too dumb
to know you were being set up.  Either way you're out!"  I say, "Were you cheating?"
He's like, "Janet Rossi in 3R is nothing but a whore!!!" I'm like, "Janet?"  He goes,
"Don't overcook my steak, if you do it defeats its own purpose."
He can be very confusing.