Thursday, March 7, 2013

4th Grade Halloween

In front of the Mavramoustakis' House.  One over from the Costanzas.
Photos taken with a Vivitar "Disc" Camera, popular in the 80's.
Neiko as the G.I.Joe character "Breaker".
Hulk holding all the candy.
Anna a a witch, Mary as a gypsie.

My wizard costume destroyed my Dad's favorite
bathrobe, something he never forgave me for.
If I ever did anything bad, well into my 20's, he'd
relate it to how I mistreated his bathrobe.  It was
a polyester piece of shit and my mom replaced it
with a Ralph Lauren Scottish wool one but
he didn't care.
My mom murdered the yarn beard and wig.  I was able to use it again when I played Noah in
Sunday School -- a disastrous production where the Ark basically sank (it was a big flat painted piece of
wood that fell over, and pulled down all the other set pieces with it).  The entire cast (5th Graders) broke
into a laughing fit.  Our Sunday School teacher got so mad, she screamed at us and said "shit".
She finished the year but no one at St. Francis of Assisi ever saw her again.  It was also my
last year with the church, but that's another story. 


  1. Hulk's got the candy. Sounds right to me.

  2. I remember the first time I heard one of the adults from church say shit.
    I felt like I should have done something to stop them or at least get them to repent on the spot.
    It was really uncomfortable for me. I don't think she knew I was there. Kids weren't allowed in the church kitchen. She burned herself on the pot that was boiling water. I'm sure Jesus was none too cool with it either.

    -Fucking church and it's bullshit congregation.