Thursday, March 7, 2013

1st Grade Halloween

P.S.84.  This is back when those Ben Cooper pre-packaged Costume Sets took over the United States.
I'm shocked they didn't figure out a way to just become the fashion industry -- kids (and parents) were
crazy about those things.  My mom wouldn't let me wear one on Halloween because she liked to flex
a little sewing skill.

Louie Bruno, by best friend at the time, as Dracula.  A few months later he called me a bum and
transferred to Catholic school.  I sweat his Dracula costume though.  He had that cape.

Mrs. Weinstock.

Shout-out to the Velveeta boxes Mrs. Weinstock kept her notes in.  The entire first grade curriculum was
basically stored in those Velveeta lids.  It's nice to know that in some way Velveeta took part in my
learning to read.


  1. Why is everyone in costume but you?

    1. Thanks Mel. I should have married Sandrine, the French girl standing behind me, next to that glimpse of Spider-man mask. I went over her house once and her Dad showed us how to crack walnuts. By throwing them against the wall and chasing down their insides. "Before the mice get to them," said Sandrine.

  2. This must be that feral Mickey Mouse that cost Frank the presidency.

  3. Only thing better than the kids in costumes, are the kids NOT in costume.

  4. I was in this class, you have a great memory!