Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Grandparents' Old House On Google Maps

Was looking for my grandparents' old house on Google Maps.  It was on 133rd Street in the South Bronx.
I didn't know the address so I was on street view, scanning the block.  At Willow Ave., I
found these guys, in front of a sandwich truck, profiling and throwing gang signs.

Wider.  To the left, down to the end of Willow Ave., used to be the old Everlast factory where they made
boxing gloves.

The is when the Google Cam Car got closest to them.

And here's the house.  709.  Between Willow and Bruckner Blvd, which runs right next to the
Triboro Bridge, now the RFK.

Both my parent's grew up in this section of the Bronx.