Friday, December 7, 2012

"Mapia u Aoxujin" Soap Opera?


  1. 1. So what if I have a "cruch" on her?
    2. Stop signing in as me.
    3. I love it when there's a guy in baseball who comes in "in the cruch". They're known as Cruch Players. I love to play Cruch, just as much as Derek Jeter or any of them. It's a simple game that you play with a. A walking CRUTCH, preferably a dirty old one, b. 10 bottles of 2-Liter soda, usually something cheap - I like to use Tropical Fantasy (these are the bowling pins) and c. a bag of garbage, tightly packed (the ball). After 32 innings, the loser has to eat the bag of garbage and wait while the winner opens all the soda bottles in their face after shaking them up. The crutch is dipped in puddle water and presented as a trophy to the winner as the loser has to give a losing speech while he talks about the worst things he ever did and about the baddest feelings he ever felt in his whole life.

    4. I'm interested in those trading cards.

    1. You know what I used to call when someone waits for someone else to mispronounce something or misspell something or talk in an off-key because they have saliva in their throats and then make fun of them and make stories about them?

    2. That's weird. I always thought The Christmas Spirit was just "breathing".
      My Dad used to say calling up for Chinese Food was the Christmas Spirit.
      My Mom thought cigarettes was the Christmas Spirit.
      Mr. Parfenix thinks the Christmas Spirit is in this old shirt he stole off someone in 1993.
      Sudsy thinks The Christmas Spirit was played to perfection in those Freddy Kreuger movies.
      Luca thinks the Christmas Spirit is somewhere on Youtube, if he can just figure out the right keywords.

  2. Actually the cards direct translation is Maria the Ugly..Parfenically pronounced Maria E Ass-he-me.