Sunday, December 2, 2012


Nathan Blamburg, reading the Daily News, napkin in collar, ready for his 11AM Clam Chowder.
NOTE: this is his lunch napkin, but ZAG stees see no meal-time imperative when busting a
napkin-neck.  Plaids, ginghams, lacey intitialed joints, baby bibs.  You should see the
scene at a company picnic, it's worse than the Easter Parade.

Blamburg pioneered the napkin-in-collar style after seeing Wally Walrus pull it off in a Woody
Woodpecker cartoon.  Blamburg's co-workers at the Candy Factory all started to follow suit.
It caught on as a symbol of lunch, liesure, and a way to show off your napkin collection.
"Ties, Shmies," said Blamburg, "I'm more into Apple Pies. And I'm ready to spill some on my shirt."
Some Z-people even wear a "dress napkin" but will still rock a utility "meal napkin" over it when it's time to
slobber down on some Sloppy Joe.  Blamburg, age 103, still works part time at the Candy Factory.