Thursday, December 6, 2012

Garfield Waffle Bowl By Meijer

The thing they don't tell you on the box is that these bowls are really great for soup too. A nice Matzo-Ball or
a Lentil. Maybe a Yankee Bean. Yo, young-bucks!  If you don't know what Yankee Bean is, get your butt over
 to a local diner, usually on a Tuesday.  It might not blow your mind, but it'll definitely make you fart. 

This makes me think, that, even as a kid, I was a big soup fan.  One Christmas my parents got me a Campbell's commemorative bowl, a special silver ladle, a set of musical spoons, and a weird array of supermarket soups.  Boxes of Lipton dried noodle packets, stacks of Campbells and Progressos, and all these bags of beans that were too difficult to turn into soups. So let's keep in mind a new Soup portion to the show.