Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas!

Distortion Bus is DEFINITELY the best name for a Transformer Bootleg.

He is mighty Distortion Bus.  First, he is Bus, then he Distorts and becomes --

A completely bullshit robot!  Distortion Bus!

But Wait!  What's this???

This looks like good bullshit to me!

Truck Transformablels.   TRANSFORMABLELS.  That's like one more times more powerful
than just transformable.  

And with an UNRIVALED Wide Range of Selection, maybe Distortion Bus has met his match.
Or at least his soulmate.  Your children NEED THESE.  GO OUT AND BUY!
Distortion Bus is available in this dinky gift shop in Ozone Park.
Truck Transformablels are sold at any Value Depot in Northern Queens.