Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sign of the Week: NEW MOVIES

Roosevelt Ave., Queens.  I went inside and offered the lady at the counter 20 bucks for it.
She was actually the 16-year-old daughter of the owner, and she was working on new signs
for all the sections.  She sold it to me in a heartbeat and obviously felt very proud.


1. The background dots and/or dashes.  The girl called them sprinkles.  I should have known.
2. The quality of marker she was using.  AKA: a bad quality of marker.
3. The outline style and color choices.
4. The hand-style on the letters.
5. The sort-of cloud shape of the sign.
6. The fact that the sign is for a really busted video store, hyping the "New Movies".
7. RE: the bad quality of marker: the inside shading on the "V" in particular.
8. One more time: the sprinkles.


  1. If she would have used Prismacolors or Pantone markers, the sign would have been worthless....

    Anybody else use to rack Design and or Chartpak markers from pearl paint back in the day and then go to BOMB THE SYSTEM a few blocks away?
    There used to be a Blimpies sandwich store on the corner....

    1. We were Chartpak over design, hard. Yes, Bomb the System: Fatcaps, yes.

      Blimpies, yes, but Rubbish got into the double veggie burger deluxe and it grossed me out.

      There are still Blimpies, which seems more and more impossible.