Saturday, December 1, 2012

People in my Neighborhood: Oty

Oty, a man of hard style.  Originally from Santo Domingo in the DR, Oty's logged 43 years in New York. 

I see Oty almost every day at Lisa Chu's Dream 99¢ and Up spot.  Like me, Oty lingers over the merch,
choosing very carefully, and often finding gems amongst the poorly manufactured madness.
Props to Oty's "England" long sleeve tee, which he scored from Dream.

Oty's beard is one thing, but his XL folded-over hoodie is pure 6TH BOROUGH STYLE.
Oty fought in some of the earliest ZAG Rumbles.  He now spends time repairing bikes, chilling with
his lady, and playing Dominoes.