Thursday, December 6, 2012

Women's Room Candy Store

Jaleeb runs an out-of-sight Candy Store in the Women's Room at the Astor Place 6 Train Station.

Always super-well-stocked and completely overpriced, this is easily my favorite Women's Room
Candy Store in the Astor Place 6 Station.  I try to get him to cut me a deal if I bundle enough candies,
but Jaleeb holds firm.  I don't like his attitude one bit, but if we were just a little bit more aquainted, I'd
pinch his cheeks for all I was worth. I can't help it. I've been struggling with keeping a lid on my
"grandmotherliness" lately. Not only have I been knitting scarves for all the plastic penguins that
live in the Eastern Wing of my fridge, but I've been eating peppermint swirls for lunch.