Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Trooping it back from a long mission in outer Queens, and back down into Flushing, we were making our
way past the industrial rim near Citi Field where the road becomes dirt and is lined with all manner
of Auto Body shops and Flat-Fixers.
Then, a more-than unexpected sight: this BIG TOP  in the normally empty lot that is
home to the Corona Maintenance Facility.

Circo Hermano Vazquez has been in operation in Mexico for 40 years.  Still, the set-up in the lot
had a sort of bootleg, old-school, travelling circus vibe.  I mean, it is a travelling circus, but the the whole
thing seemed a little on the lawless side.  Like -- let's get in -- and get out.  They didn't have any kind of
brochure or pamphlet about the show, but the Ticket Lady made me out the schedule on a piece of paper
that she cut out from the back of a big envelope.

We left the proper entry grounds and followed the fence that lines the Maintenance lot, which had
all sorts of trailers and equipment for the circus set up for several blocks.  We saw this motorcycle
with training wheels.

It was super small.

Then there was this camel.  A giant, dirty two-hump camel.  You could reach out and touch it.

We also saw this stand that I think is used either with lions or elephants.  Finally, there were some
picnic tables set-up but there were a bunch of clowns eating from Chinese Food cartoons and when I asked
if I could take a picture, one of them threw a ball of aluminum foil at me.


  1. BOO!
    The body shops in Shea stadium suck sour camel butt!
    I have lost count how many cars I have had to re-fix their work due to the shoddy and downright unsafe repairs those clowns have performed there!

    PS. Even though the color scheme on that bike is awesome, if you are in the market for a tiny motorbike stay away from the knockoffs, buy anything made by the Japanese or the Europeans.
    If you can find it, try to cop the Yamaha YSR50 or the Suzuki GSR50. Both from the 80's, real small bikes, but big bike reliability!

    1. Word? You know your mini-bikes like that?

      RE: Auto Body: there was a movie from 2007 called Chop Shop that was shot there about an orphan who lives in one of the garages at night.

    2. I know enough to stay away from the knock-offs. They are great to look at, but dangerous if ridden.

      I gotta look up about the orphan dude film, Sounds interesting.