Monday, December 17, 2012

The Gay Christmas Book

I think Ms. Rogers does an excellent job of telling the story of a little Christmas Book that gets persecuted by the Christmas community for preferring to date other Christmas Books. The Christmas community includes your usual suspects -- blinking (and insane) christmas lights, cold-hearted snowmen, ornaments that just hang around (and gossip), over-stimulated mistletoe, eggnog (drunk at birth), gift-wrap (always trying to cover things up), the list goes on... And if you think Santa Claus is any help -- the guy's like a million years old!  Sure he can be nice, but he's about as conservative as they get.
     Anyway, good ol' Ethel never really made it clear who exactly the Gay Christmas Book was clear to go out with.  Easter Books?  Dust Jackets?  Maybe a Newspaper or a Lillian Vernon Catalogue?  Maybe Christmas Books fall in love with the human Eyeballs that read them?  I can't for the life of me figure it out.  Well -- ever since Ms. Rogers book came out, it's done a lot of good for other gay Christmas Books and gay decorations too. You would not believe how many of these guys are coming out of the closet these days.