Friday, December 7, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Frankie Apartment Logo Sketches by FLATBUSH BROWN

Please welcome a new contributor to the Frankie's Apartment team, Flatbush Brown.

You can see some of his illustrations here.

These are some sketches that Flatbush did, as we continue to work it out.  I colored some in, just to see.

I like the idea that the Frankie part is snow, turning into yellow snow, which is a great, sort-of peculiar,
disgusting thing of the City.  Originally I suggested that it
could be slime, because Flatbush draws good slime.  Which is a powerful asset.
So officially, this is drawn like slime, not snow.  Just so you know.

This is one of the original sketches that Flatbush sent me. He sort of thought it was too "sketchy" to
publish, but I think it looks great.  The process is the show.

The idea was that we could get the slime-Frankie falling, but when I colored it in and saw
that it could be snow - it seemed more New York, more apartmenty.
Flats also drew this Frozen F-Apt.   It's good.
A nice, calm rendition of the Yellow Snow logo.

A sketch meant for roundiness.
This is the full size logo with Flatbush Brown's dimensions intact.  I squooshed the logo a little bit.
I would never do this to a final.

And here it is colored in so we can see it with the Slime.