Wednesday, December 5, 2012

People In My Neighborhood: Moise of Spida Discount

Moise runs the extremely fair and funky Spida Discount on Broadway in Astoria, Queens.  Moise and I
have been friends for almost 10 years because we belong to an elite group of wackos called the Igloo Society.
The Igloo Society do those Polar Bear swimming guys one better - we take opposite saunas.
Opposite saunas are half-days spent in walk-in refrigerators.

 Moise saved for a long time to install the walk-in in the back of Spida Discount.  It's incredible.
He might always beat me in Freezee Cube, the ice-cube stacking sport made famous in Greenland,
but I'm usually better at telling lies.  
Moise lives very close to me in Zaghaven (the 6th Borough) and must commute into Queens every morning
via the manhole on Cotton St. street that leads to a crawlspace that spits out into the C-Town basement in
Astoria, conveniently located a meere two blocks up from Spida.  Moise sits backwards on the conveyor belt,
hugs his knees, and takes the little ride up into the supermarket proper.  He dusts himself off and
whistles his way over to the job.

If the C-Town stockboys were confused at first, they never let on.  Moise makes sure to give them an even
better discount when they come into Spida looking for hair gel, sweat-bands, or cheap electronic toys for
their kids.