Sunday, December 16, 2012


FUN FACT: The Dead Zebras were the #1 gang out of the 6th Borough, which eventually became
Zebra Council, a respected, yet corrupt, labor organisation most credited with its part in the
emancipation of Zaghaven, even if it was at the cost of our proper representation in the accepted reality
of Time and Space.  Zebra Council is still very active in Community Youth, Vigilantism, and
Construction Contracting in the 6th Borough's advanced efforts in colonizing the Caves
beneath the 11 Train and beyond: AKA Tunnel-life.  (The most successful TUNNEL contract is the
7-sub-story Venusian Mall that runs perpendicular to Sorgum Ave. and is buzzing with teenage hormones,
great deals, and all sorts of criminal filth.)  Other successful Tunnel settlements are mostly city-housing,
which Venusians fight over tooth and nail.  Not only is the housing cheap, it's warm.  And Venusians are
very cold.