Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pizza Bear at the Hyde Park Drive-In

I went to the Hyde Park Drive In the other day and it was like a ghost-town.  Even the 4-star refreshments
shack seemed empty.  The door appeared to be locked but maybe it was just jammed.
I could still peek through the milky plastic windows to see the mural of the Pizza Bear.  I tried to signal
to him and his buddy but they couldn't hear me.  About 7 people a year make the
pilgrimage to upstate New York to see the Pizza Bear and his friend, Little Tray Bear.

Sometimes when I watch movies, I wish they were more like the one we saw: Marshmallow Part VI.
Marshmallow Part VI is all shot with macro-lenses; 2 hours of gorgeously photographed
close-ups of marshmallows.  There's no audible dialogue, no sound.  I'm not even sure if there are
any edits.  There was a deer that rolled up for about half an hour, but he just ate some grass
then broke out.  There were supposed to be subtitles in the movie (it is Hungarian after all)
but when I asked the Deer, he said they must have made the letters white.  They could have
thrown a drop shadow on 'em, but you know how Hungarians are about type.

I love Refiesments.

I really wanted some of that popcorn.  I wish I could shrink down and swim in that tank, the way
Uncle Scrooge swims with his gold coins.