Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tricycle City!

For some reason, maybe it's my toy habit, Frankie's Apartment is a major hub of professional toy activity.  They live in the walls, in their own community called Tricycle City.  Yes, some of them reside in the apartment, but those toys are often seen as "uptown toys".  It is within our walls, however, that a grid exists: of apartments and playsets and castles and boats and model trains that make up one of the hidden neighborhoods of the city: a neighborhood within a neighborhood, a city unto itself -- The Tricycle City.  Most citizens were once some child's plaything - but puberty works both ways - and when it strikes a child - it strikes a toy too.  When one job ends, the toy must find work elsewhere.

The Toys must share the walls with the mice and the roaches -- they have a very carefully laid political system - where mice fight toys to the death (bureaucratically) for the upper hand in real estate, garbage rights, Tricycle Economics.  Roaches are still struggling for equal rights.

In the future, the Tricycle City portion of Frankie's Apartment will see an ever-changing cast of characters going about their toy-lives with VERY LIMITED ANIMATION.  For now please enjoy some pictures.

(This post is dedicated to my old friend Greg Morris: graduate of the FIT Toy Program where the school guarantees 100% job placement, or at least it did.  I've been talking about a version of Tricycle City since the 90's and Greg is one of few who knows about it.  What's up Greg!  Greg's worked in toys for a long time now.  He has red hair.)