Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meatball Alert

This 20-something hosehead actually tried to hard stare me and Mr. Parfenix the other day on
Ditmars Blvd.  He had some kind of beef that we were in his way when he wanted to cross the
street.  No words were exchanged, but he walked on like he owned Queens.

Flannel Elmo Pajama Pants.  I've seen these at K-mart.  I mean if he was actually some sort of ex-con
or a body builder or something, maybe he could have carried these as tough, but he was walking like
a crippled duck.  

Digital watch, bad Jersey Shore tattoos and some kind of Moroccan bracelet.
Maybe he would have sliced us with that Metrocard in his right hand.

You'd think he was listening to hiphop, or at least some kind of gross neo-death-metal,
but it was super light KTU-style techno.   How you gonna hard stare two grown men and feel like
you're right when you're listening to techno??  Oh, Astoria, you're the best.