Friday, September 7, 2012

Goldorok is UFO Robot Grendizer

Another French 45.  I've got the instrumental in the on-tops here cuz it's nice and good to use in one of those Lego animation video that everyone does.  I still can't believe that caught on as a thing.  Youtube is jam-packed with them.

Anyhow, the French and the Canadians got the Japanese 70's cartoon UFO Robot Grendizer as Goldorok.  Rather than do a book-report-redux of the wiki, I copied it for you:.   

So the Shogun Warriors we got in America were a mix of different giant robot cartoons in Japan, where they weren't a crew at all.  Most of them didn't even know each other.  Dangard Ace (the main one) was like, "I thought I was the only giant robot in existence.  Who the hell are these jibones??" I've been curious about how America imported all that Japanese anime from the 70's and shuffled it, but not quite curious enough to really figure it out.  I love that it happened in a weird and fractured way, and that it's all super-confusing but boring but sometimes with a jump-off storyline element.  The robots look good, you can't deny that.  Music is often different across the board, animation added, subtracted, and repeated, sound effects altered, storylines buffed down to FCC regs, etc.  Sometimes I think there's like Seven Thousand Billion Hours of cartoon just waiting to take over the world somehow.  And if not take it over, at least be allowed to chill in it -- e.g. have cappacinos, go for a stroll in the park, practice amateur photography.  If there's enough giant robot cartoon footage - the sheer quantity has to mean that it's at least some percent real - by some scale or census or point of view.  Do you know what I mean?  I don't necessarily mean that there are giant robots.  I mean that all those cartoons must be informing/supporting some co-existing giant-robot/colored-pencil/animation-cell/explosions universe.  Watch out you don't get stuck there, what with all your interneting, you little varmints!

The actual theme to the French Goldorok, here performed by Lionel Leroy smells like bellbottoms.

The Goldorok Shogun Warrior.  These guys were 24 INCHES TALL.