Friday, September 14, 2012

Delores and These Mighty Hip Hop Videos at NATIONAL WHOLESALE LIQUIDATORS

My number one favorite close-out store is the National Wholesale Liquidators located in the strip mall
off Northern Blvd. in Long Island City.  In fact, that's how I judge anything on Northern Blvd -
How close to Liqidators is it?  The strip mall is banging for other reasons too.
1. Dunkin Donuts
2. Carpet Time
3. Italian Affair (Pizza)
4. David's Bridal
5. Petland Discounts (You can never have enough Hamster Tubes!)
6. Party City

I know people peg me as a doofus who digs the past.  Yes I like old toys and shirts and graphic design.
But make no mistake I like the present too.  Especially how DVD's are on the way out and are
becoming more and more a busted style close-out item, with anything on it:
a piece of junk crazy/relic of yesterday.
The more this happens, the better and cheaper the DVD's are, and the more fun me and Rubbish have.
I was perusing NWL's "Entertainment Center" for awesome movies at discount prices when I met a
like-minded soul named Delores.  She was a marvel!  Not only was she super hands-on, she helped me
narrow down my choices so Rubbish could still squeeze in some past expiration caviar they had
on the other side of the store.
Not only is that guy French Stewart from Third Rock From The Sun in this, someone won a best actor
award in some sort of ceremony in it or for it.  The name is solid, and Delores said she
knew the main guy and that he was hot.  Sold!

(Film Synopsis)- Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to experience the explosive world of Spiritually-
Enlightening Holy Hip Hop Ministry, Music and Entertainment Glorifying GOD!!!

Director and producer Christopher Martin professionally known as ‘Play’ from the rap and acting duo 

Kid 'n Play is the feature's host and invites you to meet some of Holy Hip Hop's trail blazin artists and 

Ministers of the Gospel, who are a part of a movement that began in the late 1980’s and thrives today 

worldwide as one of the fastest growing music genres today, with over 2000 active emcees and 
legions of fans worldwide.
Peep this video and see what these souled out Christian souljahs for the LORD are doing to change the 
face of music for generations to come with powerful lyrics and bangin beats - and bringin nothin but the 
Truth. A must see video for any ardent lover of music who wants to be tuned in to the cutting edge, whether 
you are within or outside the four walls of the Church. What you will experience is sure to make you bob 
your head and stomp your feet and provide you with a new appreciation of the bold power of Hip Hop 
Ministry and how it is being used (24/7) by Ministers of the Gospel as a powerful and potent tool to spread 
the truth and uplift and positively impact the community, youth, and adults worldwide for 
generations to come!!!

Just when we thought we've seen it all, it's time to experience Holy Hip Hop where He, no doubt, 
Saved the Best for Last! James 5:20. Amen.

The Bahama Hustle starring Ed Lover (in a wig) and Doctor Dre from Yo! MTV Raps.  'Nuff Said.

At $2.99, with TWELVE movies on this 2-disc set, this deal was so POWERFUL, I couldn't get the
camera to focus.  The ULTIMATE NINJA COLLECTION!

Delores's Number One pick, which she remembered from the 80s: The Toughest Man In The World.
Mr. T's first starring made-for-TV movie role has him playing a tough and scowling, but softhearted, nightclub bouncer who finds himself involved with a bunch of kids after being conned into taking over a youth cent