Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Christmas Decorations SO SOON!?!?

I was out in Flushing, Queens, yesterday when I found this Pharmacy that is already decorating for Christmas! They've started on the side of a shelf, but I don't think they're gonna go much further with it. It's tasteful, and rustic, if you ask me. Maybe a little confusing. Saying screw it to the whole Halloween ruckus takes guts. I think you just have to applaud that.

They've started on the side of a display shelf.  My gut tells me that they're not gonna go much further with it.
Hey, it's tasteful, and rustic.  Maybe a little confusing, but so what.  They're just passing over Halloween, not
doing what everybody else does. You just have to applaud that.
DETAIL: a 2X4, 2 kinds of vintage wrapping paper and some of that brick cray paper that my
mom used to make a pretend-chimney out of my dad's liquor cabinet
And that's not all. The interior decorator really hooked this place up. 

Security mirror blocks "esc".  I don't get, but I know I should be getting it, and that's how you know
something is cool.

This Chapstick Section was on point.
Giant Pocketwatch clock is all class.

These jocks were all available to purchase.

In the back of my mind, through some dewey decimal catalogue of stuff I've stocked up in my brain using my
peripheral vision, I guess I've seen Hongo Killer before.  Hongo Killer fights foot, toe, and nail fungus.

But I do know that I've NEVER seen this little guy before!  The Hongo Killer mascot!
Part Smurf, part Disney Gremlin, part construction worker.  What a man!
Disney Gremlins were little sprites from a 50's cartoon, based on a book by Roald Dahl.
Look them up.