Friday, September 28, 2012

Frankie's Apartment: Fan Pumpkins!!

Pecos Bill, a regular commenter on this blog has a son.  This is Pecos Bill Junior aka Louis Jr.,
wearing one of my old Kid America Club t-shirts.  Props to Jr. for the J-Crew catalog mousepad.

Pecos and I met on Instagram.  He's been a very supportive visitor to the shlog.  So much so, that he and
his son have promised me a pumpkin for my Halloween jack-o-lantern from their family's farm upstate!

Obviously I know one can grow pumpkins, but I've never known anybody who actually has grown
pumpkins.  The only pumpkin patch I knew growing up was at a not-so-local park in Queens
where they'd haul in a batch of pumpkins and spread them out on the near dead baseball outfield and let
you roll one out.

How come nobody ever makes an unripe, green jack-o-lantern?  That's another good character for the
show.  He/she could be really juvenile and under-developed.
More on Pecos Bill in a bit...

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  1. I KNOW THAT GUY!!!!

    (enthusiastically jumping up and down)