Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lobster House VS. Crab Shanty

The war between these two classic City Island seafood restaurants has been raging for more than 60 years.  For me, the giant lobster sign is 100% incredible, but it still doesn't beat the fact that the Crab Shanty has the word "shanty" in it.  They both serve crab and lobster and they both aren't the greatest fish places in the universe, so it sort of doesn't matter.  Still, they pull pranks on each other all the time and are always doing things to lure customers away from either place.  Every end of summer, they hold an illegal "Lobster Fight" at the North End of the island for bragging rights.  They've got some of these lobsters in training for 5, 6 years - and they grow them big - they have claws the size of Popeye's arms some of them.  Anyway, that's what this guy told me.