Thursday, September 27, 2012

People In My Neighborhood: Marv the Shoeshine Guy

Marv works the Shoeshine stall in front of Grand Central Station's 42nd Street entrance at Perching Square.
Official Grand Central Shoeshine Apron

When I rolled up on him Marv was drinking a strawberry milkshake from Juniors.  That's a man after my 
own heart.  Also, Marv has cigarette trays set out. A man can still enjoy a smoke while he gets
his loafers dummied up. 

Marv's got a great set of teeth and a hairdoo that he can be very proud of.  Thanks to Marv and to the
shoeshiners of the world!  They make it easy for us gentlemen to continue to be gentlemen.
When my father was a kid, he used to shine shoes during World War II in the Bronx.