Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tricycle City: The Bicyclist and the Bunnyrabbit

This Bicyclist, Phillipe, thinks he's in the Tour De France, even though he lives in my apartment, is always
in my apartment, and is only only 1 and half inches tall.  I see him every few hours, zipping across the floor,
or through one of the shelves, or along the edge of the headboard to my bed.  He has a way of passing by
at inopportune moments, like when I'm using the bathroom, or giving my wife a foot massage.
The Bunnyrabbit, that blurry white blob to the right, Jerry, is the Bicyclist's mortal enemy.
It's like a Road Runner cartoon.  Jerry is always trying to set up some kind of trap to make Phillipe
wipe out, but Phillipe's miniature mint green Bianchi bicycle has been known to defy gravity.