Monday, September 17, 2012

Fan Art: Wyatt's Pizza Drawing

Wyatt's Pizza Drawing is one of those rare works. Abstract,
but so totally nailing the subject.
Wyatt is obviously insanely talented, and let's face it - he's got great style too.
Wallabees and Bumblebee stripes.  I'm wearing the same tomorrow.
Upon closer inspection, it looks like this Pizza Drawing might be in an entire BOOK
of Pizza Drawings!  The one we're seeing is #25.  You can see the ghost of another
right behind it.  Maybe Wyatt can come on the show and show us his Pizza Book.
Thanks to Wyatt for the drawing, Mirabelle Marden for the photograph of the drawing,
and to Keith Riley, Wyatt's Dad, for having a cool kid like Wyatt.