Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Space Wallpaper

Technically, this wallpaper also belongs to my wife.  

Sometimes I like to imagine myself on the Solar Explorer, heading towards the sun, completely
oblivious to the fact that I'm gonna be burned to death before we even pass Mercury.

These poor saps are stuck fixing this satellite in perpetuity.  Or until the paper disintegrates.
That there satellite is downright broken.  I wish they could see that, but they move so slow.
Lazy astronauts.  Sometimes I don't think they're doing anything at all.

Ah, my other fantasy is to be on the Neptune, heading as far away from the Sun as possible,
sipping on an uncola, listening to the gentle hum of the spaceship, while I take my 8th nap of the day-cycle.
I'm chillin' because my iPad is filled with the entire run of Power Puff Girls,
the first season of HBO's "Girls", plus that Geena Davis classic, "Earth Girls Are Easy".
Sure there are problems to come, like spacefaring polar bears, the icicle warships of those nasty
Plutians, and avoiding the gravitational pull of that legendary black hole near Uranus.  But we'll figure
out a way!  Besides, the Neptune is packing one of the illest refreshment centers any starship has ever known.
A Food-Creator, a Nacho Cheese Squeezee machine, a G. Forman Space Grill, plus a a lifetime
supply of Cookie Crisp, Sunflower Seeds, and Big League Chew.