Thursday, September 6, 2012

Luca's Predicament

Luca and Me.

Luca Guidolini, my "intern," has torn his ACL.  Full recovery is 8-9 months.  He's had surgery.

He's got to keep his leg locked in one of two positions at all times.  Straight or bent.

He can't walk.  He was messing around by the Key Food near his house about a month back, hanging off the awning or something, and he fell wrong.  He knew it was bad, but now it's bad bad.  There's ligament damage and some weird stuff with cartilage going on.

We hatched the plan that he'd text me a sort of diary every day or so, that way we can be in on all the fun and excitement he's experiencing.  Everyone's always blogging about their awesome vacations and stuff like that.  If I have to see another sunset or skyline, I might have to cancel my Time Warners.

Here is Luca's first entry:

He was meant to start school today, Thursday the 6th, his senior year at Essex Street Academy, the school building in the LES that has multiple "schools within-the-school" and a skatepark on the roof.

I've known Luca since before he was born, when there was only his mom, Stella, my friend, who is also the sister of Mr. Parfenix.

Stella is really the best. You know how a lot of people are really just jerks? Stella's just not like that at all.

Here are some photographs of Luca's room.

Luca as a baby in the Precious Moments frame.

Hand puppet of Abe Lincoln that Luca made in 4th grade out of paper maché.

Incredible yellow booger detail that Luca insisted on including on the puppet.

Little Monsters guy, Pizza Party Leonardo, Shoe Goo, Krazy Glue.  There's a flash drive, Godzilla's tail,
and Luca's Master Lock from Middle School.

Sticker dresser.

Luca and his younger brother Googoo (Angelo) as Hook and Pan.  Luca is Pan.

Pan Bookend with knife.

A little closer.  That Hook hat is really something.

Bed, clothes, sneaker, skateboard, hamper, bike.

Luca's t-shirt is from his 5th grade overnight trip to the NY Hall of Science in Flushing Meadow Park.
The kids all brought sleeping bags and camped out in the main hall.

Wild Dog model, painted by Luca, his brother, and his uncle.  It took 3 guys to get the job done right.
We talked a lot about girls, tv, internet, and future.  Luca might be sort of on the sad tip right now, but we
had a lot of laughs.  Look at the smile on this guy.  Get Well Soon.