Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Venusian Newsstand

For some reason, Venusians love reading in Polish.

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  1. In another one of my many lifetimes I was a truck driver. My coworkers drove Freighliners and Peterbilts. The best Amercan trucks available at the time.
    I drove an old Mercedes Benz truck. The slowest and weakest of the fleet.
    But to me, it was the little truck that could.
    The rest of the drivers I worked with were polish or eastern Euros.
    They were always cursing at each other and saying phrases like:
    "Esti o curva!"
    I never bothered learning what it meant.
    Alot of those dudes were interested in the highschool girls that would walk by the loading docks, even though the girls could have easily been their daughters or grand daughters.

    "Esti o curva!" "AMERICAN GIRL!" "POLSKA-POLSKA" they would yell whilst they grabbed their package.

    I was always embarrassed for them. But I never said anything or ever asked them to stop.