Friday, March 1, 2013

The Fly Shit

Dedicated to my landlord Mr. Parfenix.  Because I care about you, my brother...

Grab this if you can find it.


  1. Never mind that. Where's my rent?!

    1. I'm getting it together now. Got the whole apartment working overtime, digging into the sofa cushions for loose change, making penny rolls, searching all the pockets in the closet, gathering up cans and bottles to hit the recycle machines at Key Food. Melia's got a check coming in next Friday. Sudsy gets his pension check tomorrow but he's been dead so long Limbo's only giving him lunch money at this point. Still, it helps. I could borrow some of my money back from Bill, but he has me do direct deposit to his account in the Caymans. I have a really high profile DJ gig for a bar mitzvah on the 17th. They were gonna pay me 2K but I'm accepting an interesting trade instead: A 1930's Blue Comet model locomotive. I can flip that shit on eBay for at least 3 grand. But I'll never part with it! So that means I won't have your rent until March 24th, that's the next time me and Rubbish are doing our artisanal lemonade stand in front of the building. We made a killing last time. We should probably do it every day but we're a little too busy watching Homeland right now.