Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stan's Square Records

Stan, of Stan's Square Records in Jersey City is the Tri-State Area's great protector of all things Doo-Wap.
He's a freak for vinyl, and is a cassette sound enthusiast if it means he doesn't have to listen to something
on CD.  "Tape Hiss is like bread on butter," said Stan to a customer who wanted to make a dub of a rare
record he had for Stan.  The guy wanted to make it on CD and Stan went on for ten minutes about
the beautiful buzz and hum on 60 minute TDK.
Stan has the stuff.  His prices aren't exactly cheap, but at this point, what is he supposed to do?  Give it away?
People are always talking about things being good because they're cheap, and I'm not sure if I agree anymore.
If a thing is good, why should it be so cheap?  I love scoring a good record for a good price, but if you want
to listen to the good hard-to-find stuff you should cough up the dough to the guys who've found it, or
protected it for all these years.  
Beautiful old juke.
This is behind Stan's second counter.


  1. Excellent post!
    It's weird that I was listening to this when I read this post.

    Good call on the cheap stuff Frankie!

    "I do not prize the word cheap. It is not a badge of honor ... it is a symbol of despair. Cheap prices make for cheap goods; cheap goods make for cheap men; and cheap men make for a cheap country!"
    -- President William McKinley

    1. Powerful.

      Marvelettes = Excellent.

      Thanks, Pecks.

  2. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Records is cool and so is making money on junk.
    But, is there a bigger ball-buster on the East Coast than this old hammer head?